Hunan Middle-South Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., formerly known as Zhongnan Pharmaceutical Factory, was founded in 1968. Covering an area of 200,000 square meters, it is located in Longxitang, Shuangqing District, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province. With an original total asset of CNY 135 million, we own the import and export rights of our products and technologies. As one of key enterprises of national pharmaceutical industry and a national chemical APIs base, Zhongnan Pharmaceutical Factory ranked No. 21 of 38 key pharmaceutical companies of China.

In July 2003, we restructured into Hunan Middle-South Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,which is now a private joint-stock enterprise. After the restructuring, the company is strictly in accordance with the GMP requirements, the plant, equipment, facilities were transformed, and CNY 30 million investment was put in the new solid preparation workshop. D-class plant area is over 1,200 square meters, all the equipment of clean zone are in line with the new GMP requirements of stainless steel equipment, and passed the GMP certification in July 2004; we are earlier GMP approved enterprise of pharmaceutical industry in Hunan Province , and the first GMP certified enterprise in Shaoyang City. Now, our production is strictly in accordance with the national version of the GMP standard, and we now has more than 10 production lines for Tablets, capsules, granule creams and hormone preparations, and these lines are equipped with high-performance liquid, gas, infrared, ultraviolet and other advanced detection equipment; in 2015, we passed the re-certification of new version of GMP. Since the plant put into operation, we establish and constantly improve the quality assurance system, and make production in strictly accordance with the GMP requirements. Up to now, we have obtained honors of governments of province and ministries, including Asipirin, Penflurid Tablet, Orazamide Tablets, Compound Proglumide Tablets and so on. In 2016, we achieved a sales of CNY 350 million, exported more than 50 million US dollars of products; therefore, we have successfully developed into a research and development, production and sales enterprise of APIs, preparation drugs and Pharmaceutical Intermediates.

At present, our preparation products include Compound Proglumide Tablets, Asipirin Tablets, Penflurid Tablets, Orazamide Tablets and other 34 varieties, there are 14 varieties and specifications of the drug into the national essential drugs directory; APIs include Asipirin, Penfluridolum, Orazamide; Amino-4-imidazolecarboxamide, 5-Amino-4-imidazolecarboxamide HCL, Piperidine HCL. Now, our preparation plant can produce 1 billion tablets per year.

1, Asipirin company API has been excellent product quality and exports of European and American countries, the monthly export volume is more than 90% of monthly production, the yield reached the international advanced level, and access to export exemption award. Many times by the State Food and Drug Administration as the title of quality products, and repeatedly won the national gold medal, at the same time, to the British and American Pharmacopoeia standards.
2, Penfluridol Tablets has been my company's national exclusive product won the national disease nemesis gold medal, is Penfluridol Tablets, the new national pharmacopoeia its quality standards to the production standards in the South as the basis. The product is a special effect, long-term, safe, oral, non-sedative antipsychotic drugs, the treatment of schizophrenia has a good effect.
3, Orazamide Tablets is the exclusive product of the country, the major hospitals in the country have a wide range of clinical medication, Orazamide Tablets its unique efficacy in the treatment of liver cirrhosis, liver ascites, liver fibrosis in late liver disease has a significant effect in clinical applications Almost no toxic side effects, the exact effect, safe and reliable, won several national gold medal. Its selling point has been highlighted, with a broad market expansion space.
4, Compound Proglumide Tablets for the preparation of Chinese and Western medicine for the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers, hyperacidity, esophagitis, rapid pain, stomach Wei stomach, repair gastric mucosa, is the exclusive formula of Chinese and Western compound stomach Good medicine.

No pain no gain. Under the leadership of Mr. Shen Yuliang, chairman,we on the one hand the establish a modern enterprise system, improve internal management, consolidate the basis for enterprise development; on the one hand, we form a strong scientific research team, adhere to scientific and technological innovation. The company has been included in Hunan Province, 60 listed on the focus of cultivating the object and the first batch of 19 listed support companies; during the period of "13rd five-year-program", we will become a public company in small plates.